Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 First Post.

Just getting more and more lazy to blog about this.
It had been a year since I last post anything here.

Turning 21 this year, hope that the party will go successfully.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Last minute outing.

Due to Miyoc having sales, we decided to head over their store to hunt.

Actually, i preferred Jcube's Miyoc than OC (Orchard Central).
Because, Jcube's Miyoc is bigger and have more blogshops.

Well, you know I am a flexible and goes along with the flow~


I was really too lazy to even put on my makeup. Therefore, my face look damn dead.
Sharon was late so we head over to Miyoc first. NOTHING MUCH -.-
I only bought 2 tops which i thought i won't spend in Miyoc LOL

Lunch was EWF (Everything With Fries) ^^ 
SAD :( I could not even finish half of it. I was having terrible cramps and feeling damn uncomfortable :(

Ended up, they bought items at EM (Editors Market)
Took them quite awhile to find people to mix to 6 items (will be cheaper)
After payment, time's up.


Thursday, March 21, 2013


Willie (Y)

Actually, today supposed to go out with Sharon and Lina.
However, yesterday my menses came and its kiling i can't go shopping in a good mood too.
I cancel off, and whine to my baby.

He wanna come find me but i wanna go find him instead.
Meet up at Northpoint first for lunch.
This Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe not nice one :(
We both didnt finish it too ;x

Yesterday, he randomly called me up.
Ask me choose between stripes or polka dots.
I thought he bought bras for me HAHA

While on our way to his home, he keep ask me spot his house when he open door
Damn cute!! 
I spotted damn fast too. I didnt expect he really went to buy me this plush toy.

I told him very long ago already, I kept hinting also.
Then i think aiya he wont buy for me already, i must ownself buy.

I want him buy for me, cause i wanna hug him and sleep.
Just like pretend he is my boyfriend. Sleep beside me every night.
Play around and talk to him, smell him and stuffs.
When my boyfriend not beside me ~

I never wanna con his money or what okay -.-

t to open up the plastic package. 

He keep want try , keep physco me open HAHAHAH

Love it when he surprise me :P 

We named him , Willie!! damn cute right.

I didn't wan

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ladies Night.

First time clubbing together with each other. 
It was my first time clubbing at Zouk too.

I totally can understand why Sherlyn don't like Zouk.
I don't really like it too, like the crowds there are okay la.
Just.. those touchy people.

I mean i know club is like that la. 
BUT way too over also, as compare to other clubs.
I totally didnt enjoy much. I was damn busy.

I kept complaining i was doing gym in Zouk.
Like damn annoying la, i am attached okay.
Then my boyfriend wasnt there to protect me too, cause i went out with my ladies ~
I need to help to save my ladies and got ppl touch my butt and waist.

I felt damn gross, like other guys touching you and not your boyfriend.

My boyfriend also damn kuku :@
He lied to be he went to bed, yet he actually can't sleep keep worrying away.
Still called me while i was in the dancefloor i can't pick up too.
Hence, i quickly WA him.

I kept complaining to him HAHA.
I can't wait to go home and stuffs.

We left just nice when the club ends at 4am.
Managed to get a cab, more than my expectation. Its like out of club the road there we hop in and off.

Sent Sharon off first and she bring down my pad package.
Which earlier on i went for this pad briefting at TPY.

This job also Sharon introduce to me.
As long as i come menses, use their pad provided.
Take picture of my soil pad and underwear to show whether got stains not
Upload it up to their page and collect all soiled pads and return to them 
Just within 3 days after menses end and can collect $160 on the spot.

Drinking before entering back


While waiting for Yingjia to come and was on the phone with my love; WILFRED

While walking back also wanna take picture HAH

YAY! They both know each other also through me :P